10th Annual International Conference of Christina Trademark

April 11, 2011 - April 12, 2011

The conference was organized by TopCosmetics UA and gathered more than 200 cosmeticians, estheticians and dermatologists. It was based on the reports of leading specialists in the cosmeceuticals field.

April 11

•Acne, rosacea and demodicidosis as nosological units. Cosmetic care programs and corrections.
•Sensitive skin. Couperose. Modern look at the problem. Principles of individual selection of cosmetic products and professional care programs.
•Allergologist. Allergodermatoses: photo- and cold allergy. Usages of cosmetic products. Skin reaction in the cosmetics salon. First aid.

April 12

•Retinol – When to use/purpose. Usages regimen: dose, frequency, duration and seasonal. Christina’s products that contain Retinol.
•Peelings – Skin diagnosis, pre-peel period. Classification of peelings. Chemical activities. Post-peel complications, methods of correction. Use of peelings during the summer. Pros and cons.
•Sanitary and hygienic rules for cosmetology cabinets and beauty salons. Products for instruments, surfaces and hand disinfectants.

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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