KazInter Beauty Exhibition 2010, Almaty

September 23, 2010 - September 26, 2010

KazInterBeauty is the biggest event of the beauty and cosmetics industry in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Lectures followed by hands-on demonstrations at booth A1, AE1-AE5 (PAV.11):

Sept 23: Acne – etiology and pathogenesis. Prophylaxis methods. Comodex and BioPhyto products for problematic and oily skin.

Sept 24: System approach in anti-aging treatment: Forever Young for preventing skin aging. Wish for correction of aging skin (40+). Non-invasive methods. Silk skin lifting.

Sept 25: Hyperpigmentation. Methods of correcting of pigmented spots: Fluoroxygen+C product line. Products for reconstruction of dehydrated skin after prolonged sun exposure. Unstress line for deep hydration.

Sept 26: Peelosophy smart peeling treatment affectively addresses severe skin conditions such as acne and acne damage, aging skin and hyperpigmentation. Rose de Mer 100% herbal peeling as an alternative to chemical peeling.

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

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